About Vaibhav Lohani

A writer, a marketer, and a crypto geek, I believe these three terms define me at the core. The writer in me helps me write content that directly connects with the readers. As a marketer, I have the ability to create a result-driven strategy. But I know you don’t need a typical marketer, what you are looking for in your brand is a Web 3 native, a Web 3 Content Marketer.

For the past 2 years, I have been living my life in Web 3. Whether it is Crypto, Defi, Metaverse, NFTs, DAOs, or Web 3 Social. I have explored them all. The more I study about the decentralized world my love for this ecosystem gets deepen.

I firmly believe the world will transition to Web 3.0. It may take some time, but this will become a reality for sure. With this belief, I help Web 3.0 brands reduce this time frame.

Content Marketing is a commitment.

Not a Campaign!

    An impeccably tailored content strategy empowers awareness, create trust, establish your authority, and garner a tribe of supporters, aka, community. Let’s make your brand unforgettable.

    Featured In


    Whitepaper Drafting for Web 3 Projects

    It was an honor speaking on the last episode of LexTech Meet 3.0 on Whitepaper drafting for Blockchain Projects.

    I was asked some critical questions related to whitepaper drafting and how it can help you attract investments.

    I enjoyed each question that was thrown at me and tried my level best to answer in the best possible way so that even a layman could understand our conversation. 

    Some of my favorite questions were:

    • What is a whitepaper, and why is it important for Blockchain-based startups?
    • Can Whitepaper be considered the main selling point of the project?
    • Verbosity is readily available in the Whitepapers of Blockchain Projects. What measures shall be adopted to prevent it?

    Future Finance Freedom

    How to Get a Job in Web 3?

    Future Finance Freedom is owned by Rashi Mittal who is an active contributor in the Web 3 space. Her podcast inspired many to enter the Crypto space and navigate through it easily.

    I was invited to speak on the topic “How to Find Jobs in Crypto/Web 3” I loved the conversation and there were many insightful pointers we discussed. If you are just starting out, this podcast can be of great help!

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